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        The facility was certified by GMP/HACCP, Kosher,Halal , ISO9001 and ISO 14000.
        The facility was certified by GMP/HACCP, Kosher,Halal , ISO9001 and ISO 14000.
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        Corn Peptide


        Active Peptide is a biochemical substance between amino acid and protein. It has a smaller molecular weight than protein and a larger molecular weight than amino acid. It is a protein fragment composed of 2 to 15 amino acids. It is used in human growth and development, metabolism, and diseases. And it plays a key role in the process of aging and death. Active peptide is the most important active substance in the human body. It is precisely because of the increase or decrease of its secretion in the body that human beings have a cycle of infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. And the injection of active peptide breaks this life cycle, so as to achieve the magical effect of prolonging life and effectively slowing down aging. At present, it has become a research hotspot in the world. A large number of domestic and foreign research results show that biologically active peptides are biologically active substances involved in a variety of cell functions in organisms. Hundreds of species have been found in organisms. Different biological peptides have different Structural and physiological functions, such as anti-virus, anti-cancer, anti-thrombosis, anti-hypertension, immune regulation, hormone regulation, antibacterial, and cholesterol-lowering effects.

        CGM (corn gluten meal) is a kind of leftover after making corn starch, with a protein content of about 60%. Its protein is mainly gliadin, with poor water solubility, and it has been used as feed for a long time, with low added value, which wastes a lot of protein resources. However, its proteins have unique amino acid composition, with high content of branched amino acids such as leucine and isoleucine, while aromatic amino acids such as phenylalanine and tyrosine are

        Corn peptide has the following functional characteristics:

        1. Eliminate or reduce the symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy and improve liver function.
        2. Sobering effect: inhibit alcoholism.
        3. Anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and improve the body's immunity.
        4. Rich nutrition: It contains various amino acids necessary for human body, and provides amino acid and peptide energy nutrition.
        5. Easily absorbed: better than amino acid or protein absorption.
        6. Solubility: It is completely soluble in water in a wide range of pH, without turbidity and precipitation.
        7. Stability: Stable to heat, the composition will not change, and the function will not be lost.
        8. Safety: natural food protein, safe and reliable, non-toxic side effects.

        Our company hopes to optimize the existing product technology on the basis of existing products, develop new functional active peptide products with CGM (corn gluten meal), soy protein, peanut protein, walnut protein, etc. as raw materials, and research the pilot production process of active peptide products such as corn peptides, soy peptides, and peanut peptides and walnut peptides, and then establish "Zibo Haolong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Active Peptide Research Center" with the production and pilot production process of corn peptide as the main research content. It will provide key technology research for the large-scale production of active peptide products, and lay a solid foundation for our company to become a highly competitive high-tech enterprise in the field of biological engineering.

          Add:No.91,Longquan Road,
        Longquan Town, Zibo,Shandong , China
        Export Dept: +86-533-2659777
        Sales Dept : +86-533-2659777
        E-mail: owenwang209@163.com

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